Carry-a-tune Singing Coach

Singing Coach packThe Singing Coach software is kind of a cross between a karaoke player and a vocal instruction program. It includes a bunch of songs that you can play, but also a range of lessons that it takes you through. What makes it different from all the other vocal coaching programs and other karaoke programs is that it has a voice analysis function that shows you what pitch you’re singing while you’re following the songs. So you can see how close your tune is to what it should be. It doesn’t give you points like in SingStar, but it is probably more useful for actually learning a song, because it shows you on a musical screen how close your singing is to the notes that were meant to be sung.

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Vocal Release by Eric Frey

Eric Frey is a successful singing coach who has put together this program that covers his method of vocal training so that people who are studying at home can benefit from his methods.

The Vocal Release course by Eric FreyHis underlying philosophy is to “release” the voice so that it becomes natural and unforced. He focusses on techniques to help you sing as naturally as you speak – a bit like “speech level singing”.
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