Choosing Singing Software for Improving Your Voice

Are you trying to choose a singing software program for home-based training? Whether you’re taking lessons and want “something extra” or are learning to sing on your own, there are software products that can help you improve your singing voice. Here we’ve brought together some of the more popular and (hopefully:) better options and comapred then in relation to what you might be trying to achieve. Different programs suit different people and different learning needs.

In this website you will find a huge amount of information about different software packages that aim to help you improve your singing skills. Read what each has to offer, and find out which package (or combination of packages) would best help you to develop your singing voice.

 Getting Started

First of all, what level are you at? Right now. That is, are you a total beginner looking to start singing? Or have you been singing for a while but want to lift your singing to a new level? Or perhaps you’re already a pretty good singer but have some specific vocal issues that you need to work on.

Second, are you totally on your own or do you already have a singing teacher? Or perhaps you’re in a choir or at school and have some vocal tuition but not enough to get your singing really improving.

Third, what style of singing are you doing (or want to do)? If it’s opera you’ll be looking for something different than if it is rock.

Once you’ve figured out the answers to those questions, take a look at the options we’ve listed and see if any of these programs would help in your quest to improve your voice.

The Options

Singing Success is good for almost every level from beginner to quite advanced – for more advanced singers they have specialised courses. It’s a tuition video program with a teacher (Brett Manning) who explains what to do. So ideal if you’re learning on your own. And probably focussed more on the rock style end rather than opera or classical singing.

Singorama is focussed more on beginners, teaching the basics of singing. So it would be good for someone who is wanting to “learn to sing”, but doesn’t have access to a teacher or vocal coach. It would suit any style, at a beginner level.

Vocal Release by Eric Frey is probably better suited for more advanced singers who want to extend their vocal range or improve their technique. It’s a series of CDs with audio only lessons, so could be a good one to play in the car. And it would suit any singing style – the basic techniques are useful for all.

The Singing Zone is designed for speakers as well as singers. It is another video course with coach Per Bristow. Probably better suited for more than beginners of any style of singing – and public speakers, actors, or others who want to improve their voice.

Singing Coach is rather different from the others in that it doesn’t have a real teacher but includes animated characters which teach the basic skills. So it’s probably better suited for kids or beginners. It has visual feedback of the pitch you’re singing, but the songs included are mostly “old favorites” or kid’s songs.

Sing & See isn’t a tuition program but is software that lets you “see your singing” with visual feedback displays. It is good for any level of singer but you need to have some other way of getting tuition”how to sing” – either one of the other programs above or a “real” teacher or vocal coach. It is useful for any singing style where you need to “sing in tune” (that’s all of them isn’t it?)

Voice training programs and singing software are great forms of home-based training courses. Buying this kind of software product can be a tough decision since there are many options and price ranges. We’ve done some research on the products available and chosen a few that we think are some of the best value. Read what each has to offer, and find out which package (or combination of packages) would best help you to develop your singing voice.

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