The Singing Zone by Per Bristow

Per Bristow is a vocal coach who has a private studio in Los Angeles training singers, actors, and public speakers. He’s set up “The Singing Zone” to enable more people around the world to learn from his unique “Bristow Voice Method” of vocal coaching.

The Bristow Voice Method taught through the Singing Zone focusses on kineasthetic awareness (Per began his career singing in Musicals such as Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar so has a keen understanding of how body movement affects the voice). The key is to “free the voice” by loosening the constrictions that forced body movements impose on free vocal expression. That can be helpful for anyone who makes a living from their voice – singers, actors, speakers, lawyers…

The online course is a step by step singing training program – essentially it takes you through a sequence of singing lessons where you learn the vocal techniques that can help you excel in your singing or speaking roles. The online course includes some interaction with Per Bristow as well as support from the online community.

The course is sold on a monthly subscription, so doesn’t have the large up-front cost of many other “software based” singing training programs. This “pay as you go” approach means that you’re effectively paying for your lessons as you follow them (of course, it also reminds you to keep watching the lessons, which isn’t a bad thing!).

There’s also a DVD course available that is sold in a pack of 4 DVDs and includes (I think!) all the lessons on the Singing Zone.


The Singing Zone subscription – $47 per month
Sing With Freedom DVD set- $177

Click here to find out more about Per Bristow’s Singing Zone

NB: You need to sign up for the newsletter before getting to the page where you can buy this course – actually the newsletter is quite good since it includes a subscription to Per Brostow’s blog where he talks about singing related issues – eg commenting on how the American Idol contestants are performing.

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